Personal Finance Classroom Assignments

The video series below was prepared at the request of High Schools in and around Pennsylvania.  They are meant for Classroom and at home use. Intentionally, parents and teachers are asked to continue the conversation at the point where the video ends.

Age is an opportunity; powerful enough to transform the lives of a generation.  We hope that this video series, helps to inspire students across the country to begin to take ownership of their financial future.
Part 1:                   Introduction
Part 2A:                Roth IRA - Part 1: Definition
Part 2B:                Roth IRA - Part 2: Opportunity
Part 2C:                Roth IRA - Part 3: Investing
Part 3:                   The Opportunity Cost of our Money Choices
Part 4:                   Opportunity Cost (Car Part 1)
Part 4B:                Opportunity Cost (Car Part 2)
Part 5:                   Opportunity Cost (College)
Part 6:                   Age is an Opportunity
Thank you to Swift Fox Media and the students at Fox Chapel Area High School for filming and editing this video series. 

We have observed a meaningful and positive impact in the classroom through students creating “personal” financial plans, i.e. a roadmap for their future financial lives.  In partnership with the CFA Society of Pittsburgh, a Collegiate Financial Planning competition has been held each of the past two years. You can view samples of the financial plans below.
Click here to see a sample of our available lesson plans.