The Missing Semester
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2014 Student Panel
We want to say a special thank you, to the Vanguard Group, the University of Pittsburgh and Professor Jay Sukits for partnering with The Missing Semester and hosting the 2014 Student Panel. To the participating schools: Thank you for your passion for financial literacy. Also, thank you to Jill Tabis and the students from Fox Chapel Area HS for recording and producing the videos below. And lastly, to the participating students: Thank you for sharing your stories--you are the stars of this show!
Introduction Watch on YouTube
Jay Sukits
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
University of Pittsburgh 
Keynote Address: One Year Later Watch On YouTube
Matt Sauers
University of Pittsburgh, Class of 2013
Question 2:  What is the biggest money mistake you’ve seen a friend or family member make? What did you learn from the experience?
Question 3:  What about money and personal finance do you wish you would have learned more about in school? Watch on YouTube
Question 4:  How do you delay instant “spending” gratification--not go out and buy things you want but can't really afford--and still have fun? Watch on YouTube
Question 5:  What is the biggest obstacle to your financial plan and what influences your financial decisions the most? Watch on YouTube
Question 6:  What one piece of advice would you give to high school and college students in order to start financial life on the right foot? Watch on YouTube
Mystery Whiteboard Questions Watch on YouTube