The Missing Semester
                                      2013 EIFLE Book of the Year

2015 Student Panel

Question 1: You earn $3000 this summer. What do you do with it and why?     Watch on YouTube
Question 2:  What advice would  you give to a high school or college that DOES NOT teach students how to become financially literate? What is the first step the school should take?  Watch on YouTube
Question 3:  If you were a high school teacher or college professor, how would you teach "this' subject? Watch on YouTube
Question 4:  What role should the investment industry play in teaching and preparing young people for the money choices ALL of us make? Watch on YouTube
Question 5:  If you were a financial advisor, what steps would you take to educate your clients and the kids of your clients? Watch on YouTube
Question 6:  Who has been your biggest role model in terms of planning your financial future and why? Watch on YouTube
Question 7:  What is the biggest money mistake you've seen a friend or family member make? What did you learn from the experience? 
Question 8:  How do we get young people excited saving and preparing for their financial future? Watch on YouTube
Whiteboard Questions Watch on YouTube