The Missing Semester
                                      2013 EIFLE Book of the Year

Student Testimonials
Westminster College
Professor Jesse Ligo and his wife Amy have done a wonderful job of helping prepare the Capstone students at Westminster Colege for the money choices they all will make. The enthusiasm in the classroom was exciting to be a part of and we hope the Capstone students take us up on our challenge to share what they have learned with their roommates and friends on campus.

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to share a cup of coffee with some of the students before the presentation and we want to wish all of the seniors the best of luck in their future careers. Thank  you Jesse and Amy!

University of Pittsburgh
Students at the University of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with reading The Missing Semester, prepare financial plans for money choices that all of us face. Professor Jay Sukits helps his students prepare for the money choices that ALL of us face. Three examples of the great work being done at Pitt can be found below. Keep up the good work Jay!

           Pitt Financial Plan 1         Pitt Financial Plan 2          Pitt Financial Plan 3

Many of these same University of Pittsburgh students in turn served as mentors for High School Students who also read The Missing Semester and who also created personal financial plans through a partnership with Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania and the “JA Money 101” program.  The college students provided peer-to-peer feedback on the high school student’s financial plans. Samples of this feedback which can be found below:

                       JA Feedback 1                  JA Feeback 2                   JA  Feeback 3

University of Pittsburgh

Carroll College
Helena, MT

During a visit to Helena, Montana, to present at the 2014 MFEC Conference, Gene had the opportunity to meet with students at Carroll College. (The view of Mt. Helena from Simperman Hall was magnificent!)  Professor Belle Marie helped to organize the visit. Professor Marie has a passion for financial literacy and it was exhibited during her luncheon keynote speech at the MFEC Conference. The class met at 8:00, and surprisingly there was very little yawning.  Following the talk, Professor Marie, shared the email below from one of her students.  Keep up the good work Carroll!

Hi Gene, 

Thanks again for visiting my class at Carroll College. I wanted to share an email that a student sent me about your presentation:

"I just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you that yesterday's speaker, 
Gene Natali Jr, was absolutely phenomenal! I learned so much from him and
he was very interesting. I loved it and wished he could have talked even longer.
Thanks for having him speak to us!"

Hope you enjoy the remainder of your trip to Montana!


Robert Morris University

Pittsburgh, PA

Professor Riza Emekter at Robert Morris University organized a talk around The Missing Semester during the school's business week. It was standing room only during the talk and a number of students stuck around after the presentation to ask questions. Dan Lee, a junior at Robert Morris was one of those students. 

Thank you Dan, for the testimonial.

Riverview High School

Pittsburgh, PA

Students at Riverview High School had the opportunity to participate in a partnership we have with Junior Achievement (JA Money 101).  Students read The Missing Semester, participate in the Junior Achievement Personal Finance program, create a personal financial plan,receive “peer-to-peer” feedback on that personal financial plan from local college students at Pitt and Duquesne, and lastly, receive a classroom or auditorium talk from a local finance professional. 


The students in Patsy Kvortek’s (Mrs. K) class were one of the most informed and best prepared group of high school students that we have spoken to.  And no surprise, one of the students mentioned that when she goes shopping, she “hears Mrs. K’s voice in her head saying; Do you need it?  If so, why?”  Following completion of the JA Money 101 program, and a talk from Gene, students sent letters to say thank you. Keep up the great work Riverview High School, and Mrs. K!


Letter 1      Letter 2     Letter 3     Letter 4

Allegheny College
Meadville, PA

Professor Chris Allison teaches a personal finance class at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  The class has become one of the more popular course offerings at the school. After visiting the school this fall and meeting with students, we can speak first hand about the positive impact Professor Allison is having.  Thank you to Jena McKelvey (a senior at Allegheny College) for the testimonial.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA

Elizabeth Skamai is a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  In her finance class, she was assigned a book report on a book of her choosing.  Liz chose to use The Missing Semester (at her parents' encouraging), received an A+ on the report, and shares insights from The Missing Semester that were most impactful at this time in her life.  Thanks Liz!