The Missing Semester Series

Your financial choices have consequences.
Will you choose wisely?

Both Missing Semester books written by Gene Natali

The Missing Semester

The Missing Semester provides a short course on the essentials for making wise financial decisions and gaining financial freedom.

The Missing Semester review

The Missing Semester review

Awards and recognition:

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The Cardinal Rule

" Let your saving dictate your spending,
not the opposite. "

The Missing Second Semester

The Missing Second Semester presents a call to action: You're in charge. Understand the opportunity, and make the choices.

Missing Second Semester review

Missing Second Semester review

Awards and recognition:

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Time + Investing

" Are a powerful combination. "

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Meet the Author

Gene Natali - CEO of Troutwood headshot

Gene Natali

Gene Natali is CEO of Troutwood, and an award-winning author (The Missing Semester). He has spoken in over 1000 high school and college classrooms, and regularly keynotes investment and education conferences across the country.

He has taught personal finance since 2015 at the University of Pittsburgh, and in 2022, was recognized with the Alexander Family Award for Teaching Excellence.

Gene holds an MBA with a concentration in finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor's degree with a concentration in economics from Allegheny College. He, his wife, four children and chocolate lab, live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.